Residental Super Camp 2023

ZeePro International Residential Super Camp

Big Island - Waimea - HPA Campus

March 2023 

This Special Camp will be one of the biggest events in our 2023 Camp calendar.

Following the success of this Summer Camp, we will bring you a 7 day Super Camp with 3 Days of Beach Training and 4 days of High Performance training on the soccer pitch, indoor courts and in the fitness center.

The Camp will have a Residential and Day option as well to provide the most in depth learning on how to train and live like a young Pro Prospect.

Detailed information is coming soon...

These Special Camps are an integral part of our proven training program

March 2023


1. "Advanced Day Camp Program"

Full day program. Morning and afternoon on field training with midday classroom lectures at lunch time.

2. “Full Residential Camp Experience”

live, train, eat, sleep soccer" for 5 days and 4 nights.

  • Inclusive of ALL of the Advanced Day Camp Program
  • All meals for 5 days and lunch for day 6
  • Accommodation at Waiaka House
  • Full Residential Program as outlined

... and enjoy the Super Camp!

ZeePro Super Camps are professional, European-style training camps, delivering the cutting edge methodology of ZeePro Soccer and European Pro Academies. They are for competitive players only, aged 10 to 18 years
(boys & girls at MLS Academy, MLS Next or similar level).

Fundamentals of Elite Player Development

Ages 10-18 years old

1. Technical-Skills

The curriculum will cover the skill acquisition process from basic to advanced skills. The level of skills required for Elite players in each age category and the assessment of the player in these key areas.


2. Soccer IQ

There will be a huge variety of Soccer IQ specific drills and small sided games building up to 7 aside and eventually 9 and 11 aside. Indoor and outdoor with variations to challenge the players decision making.

Soccer IQ
Soccer IQ

3. Tactical

Tactical aspects will be covered in key areas, such as: playing out of the back, possession based tactics in the defending, middle and attacking third, the three main phases of the game with special focus on counter attacking.


4. Mental

The games and exercises are designed with special purpose to enhance and challenge the players mental capacity, concentration and consistency of high level concentration and performance.


5. Physical

Physical training
Physical training

The ZeePro Special strength and conditioning method and program will be taught daily by our director Darron Haworth, plus movement, speed and agility training by High Performance coach Sharif Webb.

Development and maintenance of physical strength and most importantly, the ability to transfer strength, power, and speed to sports-specific movement patterns are an often-overlooked component of an athlete’s football (soccer) training program.

With this in mind, athletes, parents, managers, and coaches must acknowledge that a successful strength and conditioning pathway must be introduced at a young age to ensure that the foundational components of athletic development will ensure future performance outcomes and assist as an injury risk mitigation strategy.

The ZeePro Strength and Conditioning Pathway has been developed as a holistic method of athletic development training principles to assist athletes with continuous physical progression from a young age to maximize performance outcomes.

The pathway outlines the recommended age-related steps required to develop the identified athletic abilities needed for football (soccer) success.

Auxiliary Categories

7. Advanced Nutrition


8. Full Recovery Protocol


9. Hawaii's Only TOCA Touch Trainer


Our Team

Soccer Director

Zoltan Erdosi
Zoltan Erdosi

Speed Agility Movement Coach

Sharif Webb
Sharif Webb

Strength Director

Darron Haworth
Darron Haworth

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... and enjoy the Super Camp!

The complete 6 day Strength and Conditioning syllabus highlights all the important details below.

Strength & Conditioning Syllabus


Overview of the ZeePro Strength & Conditioning Pathway – Theory Session

  • Age-relevant training methodologies.
  • Maximal Velocity and the Shock Method for Explosive Strength development.
  • Complex Training – the combination of biomechanically similar Load Resistance and Plyometric movements in the same working set.
  • Conjugate Method – advanced training methods from the Soviet and Bulgarian systems

Physical Testing Sessions

  • Modified Quadrathlon Test
  • 10/20m Sprint Test
  • Illinois Agility Test
  • Standing Vertical Jump Test
  • IR1 YoYo Endurance Test

Practical Training Sessions

  • Maximal Velocity (on-field)
  • General Physical Preparedness (GPP) – Upper and Lower Body Sled (on-field)
  • Gym – an introduction to age-related resistance training
  • The Primary Lifts – what are they and how to execute them safely and correctly (Gym)
  • Complex Training – fundamentals (Gym)
  • Maximal Effort (ME) – fundamentals (Gym)
  • Dynamic Effort (DE) – fundamentals (Gym)
  • Repeated Effort (RE) – eliminating muscle imbalances and lagging muscle groups
  • Accommodating Resistance Methods – how to utilise them within the ZeePro S&C Pathway

Evening Education Sessions

  • Sports Nutrition – sound practices for human performance
  • Sports Supplements – sifting through the hype and identifying if there is a need?
  • The Biopsychosocial Model – a dynamic interaction between biological, psychological, and social factors for athlete wellbeing.

by Darron Haworth - Strength Director

Important Camp Details

Super Camp Dates

Date: coming soon


Waimea HPA Campus-Big Island Hawaii


9.00am - 4.00pm Every Day-Advanced Day Camp


On Day 1: 9am at Student Union Building

Finishing time

4.00pm Every Day. Please be on time to pick up your child/children.

What to Bring

All your normal soccer gear, extra t-shirt, turf, running or futsal shoes, outdoor playing boots, trigger ball, roller, size 1 mini ball, towel, soccer diary/booklet & pen, water & sports drink, light snacks & protein shake. Plus a speed ladder and skipping rope if you have one.

We will provide proper lunch every day at the School's Cafeteria.

What to Wear

All Players must wear a white coloured short, and white socks. We will provide a camp shirt to every player.

Camp Registration Options

ZeePro - Advanced day Camp


Full day program. Morning and afternoon on field training (Indoor & outdoor) with midday classroom lectures and lunch.

Full Residential Camp Experience

Live, train, eat, sleep soccer for 5 days and 4 nights.

  • Inclusive of ALL of the Advanced Day Camp Program.
  • All meals for 5 days and lunch for day 6
  • Accommodation at Waiaka House
  • Full Residential Program as outlined



Advanced Day Camp - Full9am-4pm Monday- Saturday incl. lunch$ 795
Advanced Day Camp - Part9am-4pm / day incl. lunch$ 150 / day
Advanced Team Camp 1June 12-16$ 350
Advanced Team Camp 2June 19-23$ 350
Residential Campincl. Accommodation and all meals$ 1.595
Exclusive of value added tax

How to register?

... and enjoy the Super Camp!

Waiaka House

Waiaka House
Waiaka House

Your Residential Camp

By Invitation Only. Train, Eat, Sleep, Recover like a Pro

Strength and Conditioning Director, Darron Haworth (Australia) will be here with Coach Zee to provide a “Full Residential Camp Experience” for some invited players to live, train, eat, sleep soccer for 5 days and 4 nights at HPA’s Waika House with the two directors of ZeePro Academy and other 10-14 athletes.

  • Master the morning! Complete tailored instructions and daily practice will help players to maximise "their morning training and general routine" not just during the camp, but once they return home in their own environment.
  • Prepare for a full day camp. Morning session, breakfast, recovery, organization for the day.
  • Afternoon Training with the directors. Players will learn more specific skills and gain knowledge on technical and physical training specifics, nutrition and supplementation, recovery and mental development.
  • Evening Routine. How, when and what to do to "Master the evening"? (dinner, recovery, stretching, analysis, journaling, etc)
  • Evening classes by Coach Darron and Zee on various subjects including on screen analysis of specific skills, methods
  • Recovery: The house will have a proper recovery setup with jacuzzi, ice bath, yoga mats, etc to learn the professional recovery methods. This is an often overlooked ,but hugely important part of the complete athlete development plan.

Hawaii's Only Toca Touch Trainer

Pack 100's of touches into one 60 Minute session

TOCA "The Game Changer"

It is Skill Training made fun by a "Perfect Teammate" the TOCA Touch Trainer. 

The speed, accuracy and variety of the balls this soccer robot can deliver is impossible to match by even the best players. 

Under the expert guidance of our pro coaches you will have the most effective and fun skill training session you ever had...

We guarantee it! 

Come and try it. 

Join the Skill Revolution...

How to register?

... and enjoy the Super Camp!

The ZeePro Method ®

The ZeePro Method ® is now proven to provide all that is necessary to build the Complete Player, preparing them to secure academy opportunities with some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Chelsea or Manchester City.

Every aspect of our new Player Development Program is cutting edge - focusing on all aspects of player development in great detail, and preparing the player for the very highest level.

At the end of the camp, the players will understand the step by step method, time frame and details of the training and the experiences they must cultivate in order to make it to one of the Elite Leagues .

5 main Pathways

The curriculum will outline the Elite Player Development method of Zee Pro with special focus on All 5 main Pathways of Elite Soccer.

  1. Top Pro European Academy-Club (EPL, LaLiga, Bundesliga, etc.)
  2. Major Pro European Academy-Club (Eredivisie, Championship)
  3. MLS (USA)
  4. 2nd Division Pro European Academy-Club (Slovenian, Hungarian, Austrian)
  5. USA Division 1 College (UCLA, University of North Carolina, etc)

5 Main Pillars

All 5 Main pillars of the ZeePro Method will be trained during the five days of the Super Camp.

  1. Technical
  2. Physical
  3. Soccer IQ
  4. Mental
  5. Tactical

Zee in Action

How to register?

... and enjoy the Super Camp!