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ZeePro Soccer players have earned U17, U21, and Full International Caps for Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and participated at the Youth World Cup and Asia Cup.

The past 17 years thousands of...

The past 17 years  thousands of talented young football players have been sharpening their skills with us. The Academy has been the leader in elite football player development, producing dozens of top level youth footballers.

Some of these players have made it to Clubs at the highest level in football in the UK, Europe and Australia as well. Among these leagues are: 

  • The English Premiere League
  • The Championship
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • A-League

Many others have flourished on the school level and have received soccer scholarships to NCAA Universities, Private Schools and Sport Academies.

Pro Academy standard players....

The past 9 years the Academy has designed and implemented a Holistic Development and Management System based on the model of World Class Clubs and Youth Academies..

At the same time multiple level player pathways have been organized to suit the different level of the upcoming young players.

ZeePro Soccer continues to be fully dedicated to serve the young footballers and helping them to make their Football Dreams Come True!

Head Coaches

Soccer Director
Director Of Talent Development 
Strength Director
Zoltan Erdösi

Zoltan Erdosi is the Director of Coaching at ZeePro Soccer. He manages and oversees all Academy programs. Zoltan founded Zee Academy Australia and Zee Pro Soccer Internationaal 17 years ago. Zoltan is the architect of the Zee Pro Soccer methodology, which includes the highly innovative Holistic Development and Management System (HDMS).

Zoltan is a highly accredited coach. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Football (Soccer) Coaching (University of Queensland), a USA National Coaching Licence, Frans Hoek Coaching License and a European UEFA B Licence.

Godfrey Illingworth

Education - Qualifications


Director Of Talent Development & Scouting-Zeepro Soccer Hawaii LLC
(California & Hawaii)

Personal Informations

D O B: 9/1/1949

  • Born in Manchester, England
  • Emigrated to San Diego, California in 1981

Doc of Soccer Clubs (1981-2007)

  • Mission Bay SC (1981-1986) • Hotspurs SC (1986-1989) • Nomads SC (1989-1994) • San Diego Surf Academy (1994-1997) • Carmel Valley Sharks SC(1997-2001)• Manchester SC(2001-2016)

Camp Experiences

  • Hawaii
  • Bakersfield
  • San Diego
  • Idaho
  • Mammoth Lakes
  • Tour Director of 30 tours in England


  • English


  • College teaching degree: 1968-1971
  • English A coaching license Lilleshall 1979

Taught Physical Education

  • ST Francis RC Secondary High School 1971-1974
  • Ordsall High School 1974-1981

Other Experience

  • Show business career as standup comedian 1968-1981
Darron Haworth

Darron has been involved in the pursuit of increasing human performance outcomes both as an athlete and now more as a coach for over 25 years.

His work specialises in power-based sports with a focus on explosive athletic movements in multi-directional planes with an emphasis on muscle motor unit recruitment and how it effects performance

He has trained athletes in a broad range of power-based sports including but not limited to:

  • Powerlifting
  • Strongman
  • Track and field
  • Football, Soccer (all codes)
  • Basketball
  • BMX
  • Motocross

Within those sports he has assisted athletes in attaining ‘elite’ level status including the achievements of international, national, and state records.

His training is based upon the science of the ‘Eastern European Athletic Systems’ and the now famously recognised ‘Westside System’ including the ‘Conjugate Method’ of training athletes of all athletic abilities.

Much of his coaching is utilised by athletes at international and professional levels who are based overseas in their respective athletic endeavours.

His knowledge of strength training equipment and training methods has seen him recognised as an ‘expert’ by leading strength equipment manufacturers who value his input in the ongoing design of specialist training equipment for elite athletes.

Where Magic happens...


Skill development by Teqball games.

"Toca and Skill Training"

TOCA Touch

The Perfect Pass. The TOCA Touch Trainer will deliver the ideal ball every time.

Tested and Proven

By Top Clubs World Wide

2500 +


17 Years


25 +Pro

Players @ Pro Clubs

Chelsea FC
Burnley FC
Manchester City FC
Watford FC
Girona FC
Brisbane Roar FC

Player Pathways and Experiences

We believe that exposure to different playing styles, cultures, competitions are a critical part of the players development on all levels. 12 International Tours and Player Experiences over the past 17 years have helped many of our players to gain invaluable insight and knowledge.

Whether it is Europe, UK, North or South America or maybe Japan, we have a variety of options to suit the players' needs with the right Football Experience. We have connections with top Professional European Clubs and Academies and Second tier and local clubs as well to provide the full spectrum of the football culture. We travel and train internationally to teach the players different ways of playing and expose them to new social and cultural environments.

It’s a Holistic approach to help make them the best footballers and human beings possible.

Academy Programs

Pro Academy Team

Academy Squad

All of our programs aim to develop the complete footballer. It’s fundamental and skill based, putting major emphasis on achieving technical fluency at a young age based on the standard of a top level professional youth player in Europe.

We believe in the possession-based methodology and teaching the game of football through playing a huge variety of games with different conditions to create a riddle for the players and challenge them constantly to acquire the football IQ necessary to become a standout, creative, well rounded individual and team player who is able to adapt to any and all conditions, systems and environments.

Over the years we have been lucky to have the opportunity to work together and learn from the best football minds and coaches at the world class Clubs and Academies in Europe and South America.

We stand for the highest standards, discipline, humility and believe that hard work is the difference. Very hard work. Our passion for football is an OBSESSION! Our dedication to player and personal development is the cornerstone of everything we do.

How do we measure Success? How close the individual player can come to his/her best in everything!

ZeePro Soccer-Top Program

for Individual Players

Holistic Development and Management System (HDMS) ®

Our Graduates

Aiden O´Neill

Aiden O´Neill

Burnley FC (UK)

Burnley FC (UK)

Brisbane Roar FC (AUS)

Brisbane Roar FC  (AUS)

Melbourne City (AUS)

Melbourne City (AUS)

Jordan Harrison
Jordan Harrison
Manchester City (UK)

Manchester City (UK) 2013-2014

Chelsea FC (UK)

Chelsea FC (UK) 2015-2018

Watford FC (UK)

Watford FC (UK) 2019-Current

Lulu Pullar
Lulu Pullar
Brisbane Roar FC (AUS)
USC Collage (USA)
Australian Women's National Team

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